Sergio's original music fuses his Galician roots with jazz, flamenco, elements of classical and contemporary music, and influences from Latin and other world music. Sergio de Miguel presents these days his new project «Atlántida» (2023) that has influences from traditional Galician music, flamenco, classical and contemporary music, as well as traditional and modern jazz musicians such as Brad Mehldau, Bill Evans, Chano Domínguez, Abe Rábade, Aaron Parks or Tigran Hamasyan.

One of the main characteristics of this project is its cultural diversity since it not only presents these influences but also has the talent of musicians from Spain, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, Colombia, Japan, Cuba or Brazil; musicians who add their essence to the project and make it have a unique sound.

Seeds, Vol.2 (2019)
Impresiones (2019)